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Five years ago I really had no idea bringing up a Goldie pup could be such hard work, but having Polly loyally by my side every day of those five years, has made every training challenge, wet walk and bark at the postie, worthwhile. She has worked so hard to become a good girl for me and my family, and she is a super big sister to little Betty.

I am immensely proud of all my very special girl has achieved and all that she has taught me.

Wishing my beautiful, bossy, 'Big Bird', a very Happy 5th Birthday today! ❤️ xxx

  • The Bearmaker

I am delighted to say all the snow has now cleared from our corner of the UK, the sun has come out and the daffodils are due to bloom any day now.

It was fun while it lasted, but I for one, am more than ready for the weather to ease gently towards Spring now. Winter is exhausting when you have two big fluffy pale coloured dogs to keep clean!

I also have another more important reason for becoming excited about the arrival of Spring 2018 - I am due to become a Nana for the second time! Needless to say, my knitting needles are now poised for baby knitting and as I have no idea whether our new addition will be a boy or a girl, I'm keeping colours and styles as neutral as possible, but with a little splash of colour where possible.

Springtime is always joyful, but this year the new season promises to be very special indeed!

  • The Bearmaker

Scott of the Antarctic! At least I'm starting to feel a bit that way after being muffled up to the eyebrows while I battle the elements this week!

It has been breathtakingly cold today, but dogs need their exercise, so nothing for it but to muffle up and take them out. Polly and Betty made the most of white stuff again on our walk and thankfully, as playing in deep snow is tiring for them, once we had finished our fun 'n games on the local playing fields and made our way home, the pair of them were content to cosy up indoors and snooze the afternoon away.

I would quite like to have snoozed the afternoon away too, but instead, was a good little teddy bear maker, tucking myself in my workroom to finish work on a sweet new bear for my website. Every once in a while though, I swivelled my chair and took a moment to enjoy the lovely wintry view from my window. The blizzards of yesterday eventually passed and today left us with a spectacularly blue sky and bright sunshine ... it was absolutely beautiful!

I think we are due even more snow later this week, so I won't be packing away my bobble hats just yet! Brrr!!!!

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