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Creating a teddy bear isn't just about the technical aspects of bear craft, so from time to time, I snap a relaxed photo on my mobile 'phone, to share my rambling thoughts as a new teddy makes his way into the world. I share these via my Instagram feed and below are a few such pics taken this week, recording the creation of 'Scamp'.

I hope you enjoy them!

Introducing 'Scamp'!

Photos on my little stone bench in the garden, now that the sun has gone down.

And as the sun sets, a cheeky new cub is ready for my website.

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  • The Bearmaker

I recently treated myself to a little art desk for my birthday, after realising that if I had a tidy up and organised myself properly, I would be able to free up enough space to transform a corner of my workroom into a cosy art corner.

I am thrilled with my new work space and looking forward to playing with my art materials safely away from Rodney's mischievous reach ... that naughty cat just can't resist stealing paintbrushes!

Now that I have my teddy bear work station on one side of the room and my art station on the other, I will be able to tuck myself away and create to my heart's content whenever the mood strikes - and best of all, can leave my work out on the desks and close the door in the knowledge it will stay safe until I am ready to return to finish it!

I am so very grateful to have such a lovely creative space to work in. It is full of my crafty bits 'n pieces, pictures of my kids, craft books and teddy bear materials. It has everything I could possibly need to hand.

Until he bought his own house several years ago, this was my son's bedroom, but I claimed it back when he flew the nest and with the help of my husband, turned it into my creative sanctuary. It is a lovely bright sunny room, full of 'happy' creativity and the perfect space in which to create teddy bears ... and now also, to paint!


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