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At the start of the year, my youngest sister challenged me to join her in drawing something every day, for a whole year. The idea is that hopefully, we will see progression in our skills as our year ticks past ... fingers crossed!

The pictures needn't be works of art, or even finished for that matter, the only thing that is important is that we pick up a pencil, pen, or paintbrush, to create something.

Needless to say, sometimes something pleasing happens and other times it doesn't, but that doesn't matter either way, because the process of learning new skills is always positive, which is what counts.

I have had to discipline myself to make time for this challenge, so now in the evenings, I sit on the sofa with an art journal and pencils, while the TV babbles away in the corner. I find sketching very relaxing and quickly become immersed in colour and form, more often than not forgetting entirely about my chosen television programme!

This challenge has given me the impetus to tackle a variety of subjects, which is always fun. Oh how I would love to be able to draw wild animals properly one day!

Every so often I return to drawing human faces in the hope I may somehow be improving. Faces are such a challenge as there are so many positions and expressions to think about!

As you can see from this girl's wonky mouth, I haven't yet mastered a 3/4 turned head, but am determined to get there!

It has been interesting to use a variety of pencils, pens and paper, as they all give different results and at the moment, I am still never quite sure what result to expect.

Drawing quirky characters in either graphite pencil or ink pen, is one of my current favourite things to do.

Who knows, maybe one day these odd scribblings might make their way into a little storybook for my grandchildren? ... I would love to be able to do that!

And of course, there are also fairies and the occasional woodland sprite to be found within the pages of my journals ... every grown-up should make space for a sprinkling of fairy magic in their life!

I haven't yet discovered a favourite subject, or medium, rather I am like the proverbial kid in a candy shop, revelling in my private world of colour and character. My goal is to become more imaginative and fluid in time and to be brave and expressive, but above all, I would just like to continue learning and after so many years of feeling artistically inadequate, to simply enjoy the process of putting pencil and paint to paper at last!


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