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Updated: May 16, 2018

Sometimes a bear, especially a larger fellow, can take a little while to find his perfect person and Albert has been one such bear. He is a truly stunning teddy bear, created from the most beautiful curled Schulte mohair and in terms of luxury teddy bears, it really doesn't get much better than Albert. So, when he didn't find a new home quickly, I scratched my head in bemusement because such a fine fellow would usually have been snapped up within a heartbeat of arriving on my website ...

The only conclusion I could come to, was that maybe the artificial lighting of my studio was too harsh for Albert's beautiful mohair? I decided to forget the fancy studio photography and pop him out into my garden in natural daylight instead. He sat him on my little stone bench by the fence as I pointed my camera and I must say, looked far more relaxed and comfortable than he did in the studio.

So if you were wondering why I have changed Albert's photographs on my website, that's the reason. I hope the new garden pics show off his gentle character now and am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that he will soon find someone very special to take care of him.

Good luck with your new photos sweet Albert!

Update: Albert has been adopted and will be living in Thailand.

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