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Can't live with 'em ..

... and certainly can't live without 'em ... computers that is!

While they are ticking away quietly and efficiently, all is well with the world, but my goodness do they know how to put a spanner in the works when they decide to crash! I should have paid more attention to the occasional green flashes across my screen I suppose, but as is the way of these skirmishes, I just 'rebooted' each time until my cranky computer took the hint, settled down to work again and peace resumed ... until, of course, the day it didn't.

Thankfully I now have a new computer installed and have consigned my old one to the PC doghouse. The only hitch is that I am not able to access my files on the old hard drive at the moment, so am praying that will soon be remedied.

In 'other news', I am still painting bedroom furniture, walking my dogs, making new bears and practising my drawing skills ... in fact, now I come to think, it has been almost a year since I drew one of my very first faces ...

And since then, with practice, I have begun to feel more confident with my pencils and can now see some improvement, so at least all the time and effort invested wasn't in vain!

May 2018

And on that happy note, I think it's time I headed up to my workroom to finish a new teddy bear for my website, now that I have a working computer and can share with you all again! Will chat more soon xxx

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