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It is Rodney's first birthday today ..

Not that he is in the least bit bothered, he'd rather be eating sardines and hunting for 'who-knows-what?' in the garden.

Young Rodders has grown into a mighty fine looking tiger-cat in his first year, although I am sure he believes he is a dog as wherever my dogs are, you'll usually find him either chasing their tails, claiming their bed, or just hanging out on the floor with them. He has definitely made himself 'one of the pack'.

He was such a tiny kitten when he first came home last April and was always getting into scrapes, but since then he has become an affectionate, cheeky fellow and is now very much one of the family.

Oh ... and as you can see, I am happy to report, he did eventually grow into those ears!

Happy First Birthday Rod xxx


I think ginger cats have huge personalities. Rod's predecessor Toffee sadly left us a few years ago. He too was a tiny scrap when we adopted him from a local farm, but he soon settled in and became a crafty, lovable rogue. He was a big part of our family for many years. I don't have many photos of him, but I found this picture of him enjoying his sunny spot recently and it made me smile, so I thought I'd pop it here to remember him on Rodney's birthday.


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