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Fairy Faraway

I confess, I am not the most patient person when it comes to doing arty stuff. For example, I am a terror for not allowing layers to dry properly and can't tell you how many pictures I've messed up through sheer impatience!

Unlike teddy bears, fairies don't take kindly to being worked on for long hours at a time, indeed, they are rather fickle creatures, preferring to reveal themselves to their creator, a little at a time.

I have come to love the process of spreading my art materials around my fairy as we consider together, what might suit her best. By listening carefully I usually find a fairy knows what suits her temperament; in case you didn't know, some fairies are fiesty, some are flitty and some, like this one, are rather thoughtful. One thing is for certain though, they all enjoy revealing their fairy personalities through the magic of colour.

And then of course, there are wings ... should they be bold and bright, soft and subtle, flittery, or still? In the case of 'Fairy Faraway', she concluded her wings should be translucent and shimmery yet motionless, because she required quietude whilst pondering her future ...

So I listened to Faraway's request and in keeping with this thoroughly modern Miss, we Googled such matters and discovered the perfect paint medium to lend her wings the beautiful soft shimmer she desired.

Lastly, Fairy Faraway whispered a little poem into my ear and I noticed with a smile, she had borrowed a few of the lines from an old poem I wrote years ago. Fairies are practical creatures and as that little poem had been gathering dust whilst discarded in the back of an old folder, she decided it was time to put it to good use, so reworked it and claimed it as her own. I didn't mind at all, after all, fairies always know best.


The 'Joynal' course referred to in my pics is an online course, run by lovely Australian artist Jane Davenport. I am currently thoroughly enjoying this lovely escape from reality ... and as you can see, I'm learning heaps of fun stuff too! 


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