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Mischief and Mayhem

Well, I couldn't let Halloween 2018 pass, without at least one mischievous teddy bear now, could I?!

Mischief, 19"

I left the evening Halloween celebrations to the youngsters this year and instead enjoyed the spooky shennanigans through the mysterious medium of social media! My grandchildren had fun at their Halloween party, little Izzy dressed as a baby pumpkin and young Toby, made a rather dashing ghostly pirate. Toby and I also spent a lovely afternoon making sparkly Halloween decorations to display in his house ... and we sparkled Nana's carpet rather well too!

Unfortunately, a mischievous local group of teens decided to spoil the fun for little ones by creating their own Halloween mayhem this year. I heard reports of the celebration being used as an excuse to steal pots of trick or treat sweeties and to take pumpkins excitedly collected and carved by children with their parents, from doorsteps - sadly the next day, I found several of those carefully carved pumpkins discarded on our local playing field and smashed to pieces; there was also party litter and the remnants of fireworks set off illegally, so I spent a good half hour in the pouring rain that afternoon, clearing the field to ensure our dogs and young children could play safely there again. Hopefully now Halloween is over for another year, the local teens will settle down and with luck, may have outgrown their anti-social nonsense by the time All Hallowes Eve comes around again next year!

Anyway, that's enough Halloween chat from this ol' witch. I hope you enjoyed your celebrations if like me, the mystery and magic of Halloween brings out your inner witchypoo!

Happy Halloween 2018!

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