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Serious Stanley's Significant Seam

Weary as I am, I couldn't let today pass without telling you 'Serious Stanley' sold within no time at all and is now flying over the Atlantic Ocean to meet his new owner in the US!

I didn't really have time to tell you much about him yesterday before he was whisked away did I? So now for a mini history lesson! Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin ... (don't worry, I promise I'll be brief!)

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Stanley was designed with my centre-seam head pattern. I like this pattern for two reasons, firstly it gives a distinctive rounded 'appley' shape to the bear's head and secondly, it gives the bear a cute centre parting in his mohair, which I think is very stylish!

Needless to say, centre-seam bears are not a new concept in the art of teddy bear making. They have been around for as long as teddy bears have been created. In fact, the original centre seam Steiff bears were created with economy in mind, using a split gusset pattern to maximise use of the fabric, so only one in seven bears on the production line was created with a centre-seam head. Those fabulous vintage centre-seam Steiff bears are now extremely sought after and usually sell for thousands of pounds at auction.

Now wouldn't it be wonderful if that were the case with dear Stanley and his centre seam friends, in a hundred year's time?!

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