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You new mohair or alpaca teddy should be sat comfortably away from direct sunlight to ensure his colour doesn't fade.  


Please keep him in a nice dry area of your home, safely away from pets, children with sticky fingers and naked flames.  Should an accident occur, most sticky food substances on mohair can be gently sponged away with a squeezed out cloth, or sponge. If they persist, repeat the process with a tiny amount of baby shampoo on a moistened sponge. Dry with a cool hairdryer.


Please do not attempt to clean paw pads, or cloth teddy bears, yourself. 

Teddy is robust and loves cuddles, so please do enjoy your new teddy bear. Now and again, he may like a gentle brush to keep his fur free from dust and matts. I use a small pet slicker brush for this purpose. The link below will take you to the brush I use to 'foof' my teddy bears: 

With a little gentle care, your teddy bear will be kept safe for decades to come!

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