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The commission process

For those times when you would like to have a teddy bear created especially for you ...


Your special bear..

If you enjoy my style of work and think you might be interested in having me create a bear especially for you, I would be delighted to chat about possibilities. Please get in touch!

If you are new to the wonderful world of handcrafted collectible artist teddy bears,

here are a few teddy bear making facts...


It may surprise you to learn that each teddy bear will take a minimum of between eight and approximately twelve hours to create from start to finish (this doesn't include design time, or time to knit/sew accessories).  

Artist bears are not created from commercial patterns. The beauty of an artist bear is that he has been created and brought to life, purely from the imagination of its maker.


My preferred fabric for creating teddy bears is mohair, a luxurious fur fabric created in Germany from the hair of the Angora goat and woven into fabulous teddy bear fur. I also enjoy working with quality cloth such as Harris Tweed, a pure wool fabric, traditionally woven on the Hebridean Islands of Scotland and produced in a wonderful array of designs and colourways. From time to time, I may also make a teddy bear from alpaca, a wonderfully dense, soft fabric, woven from alpaca wool.

My teddy bears have premium English glass eyes, or vintage boot buttons for eyes. I hand embroider their noses using perle cotton. They are five way jointed in the traditional style, using hardboard joints, cotter pins and nuts 'n bolts where appropriate. Teddy paws are selected to complement the main body of the bear, mostly from pure German wool felt, pretty cotton prints, or velvet. The bears are stuffed with polyester fibre, mixed with either plastic pellets or tiny glass beads, to add a pleasing weight. Larger teddy bears incorporate a traditional tilt growler in their tummies. 

Each teddy bear has my 'All Bear by Paula' signature label, stitched into the back seam and will come to you with an exclusive 'All Bear by Paula' hangtag attached.

My teddy bears are inspired in one way or another, from nature, celebration and the joy of colour.

I have been creating unique teddy bears for adult collectors, for almost three decades.

I am inspired to create bears which celebrate the heritage of the teddy bear.

My teddy bears are created by hand and designed from the heart, with love, from me to you.

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